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Tue 6th Wed 7th



Tuesday 6th March, 2018

15:00 - 17:00

VIP Dialogue
Curated VIP discussions with invited observers. For policy officials, corporates and world leading technologists.
Sector Streams: Financial Services; Healthcare; Mobility; Energy

18:00 - 19:00 Networking drinks reception



Wednesday 7th March, 2018
B2B Day – Westin Vendôme Hotel

08:30 Registration and Coffee
09:00 Welcome speeches
09:15 1. VIP Opening Ceremony: Steering societies and economies into a new productive age
Chinese, European and US perspectives on the impact of Robotics, AI, IoT and Data (RAID) on businesses, governments and society
09:45 2. VIP Panel: The role of government in a new productive age
How governments will create new frameworks for companies and labour to develop
What companies seek from governments in sectors facing disruption
How governments will redistribute the gains of a new productive age
How do we ensure capable leadership with an understanding of impact of disruption
10:30 Networking break and refreshments
11:00 3. Boosting productivity and sustainable, widespread economic growth through RAID
To what extent can RAID boost business productivity and efficiency?
In which industries are we likely to see the fastest productivity gains through RAID?
To what extent is redistribution of wealth and reskilling a fundamental aspect of sustainable economic growth?
11:45 4. Human capital: the contribution of people in a digital future
The future of employment – how is technology disrupting the stock of human labour?
How can people become more productive in tandem with technology?
What new jobs might emerge in a new productive age?
What role will governments play in ensuring a framework for the harmonious development of human capital in tandem with automation?
12:30 Networking lunch
14:00 5. VIP Panel: Corporate leadership – the company of the future
Will the most successful corporations be the ones that put people first?
How do big companies deal with legacy human capital issues?
How to manage and shape a large company for the future
Will companies buy or build new technologies?
14:45 6. Investing in a new productive age
What do big investors consider when thinking about the companies of tomorrow?
How do investors assess the ability of a company to upskill its workforce?
To what extent do investors consider their role in redistribution of any potential productivity gains from technology?
15:30 Networking break and refreshments
16:00 7. Cities and citizens
Is RAID impacting the pace and character of urbanisation, and if so where and how?
Which cities are leading the way in maximising the potential of technology and people?
The impact of RAID on urban infrastructure and services such as mobility, energy and healthcare
16:45 8. Winners and losers: who gains from RAID?
Man vs machine
Public vs private sector
Traditional industry verticals vs technology companies
Owners vs workers
17:30 Drinks Reception and RAID Gala Dinner with VIP speaker


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RAID Conference and Exhibition addresses new innovations and disruptive technologies in areas of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things and Data


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