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                1011 11th St
                Huntsville, TX 77340


                PAINT BRANDS

                The professionals at Reliable Parts Company can help you pick the right automotive paint for your project.

                Dupont Performance Coating
                DuPont is one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive coatings. It supplies liquid and powder coatings to most of the major US automotive repair shops. DuPont performance coating brands include Standox and Spies Hecker products for high-end aftermarkets and Nason for economy coatings. Although a DuPont Performance Coating won't make your car go faster, it will definitely make it look good when going fast. For DuPont performance coatings, call or visit Reliable Parts Company in Huntsville, TX 77340 today.

                Fiberglass Evercoat Products
                The Fiberglass Evercoat company was founded in 1953 and produces auto body repair fillers and putties for the automotive industry. To ensure that their high quality automotive refinishing products are accessible, the company has teamed up with selected auto shops, such as Reliable Parts Company, throughout the U. S. and Canada. Some of the Fiberglass Evercoat products we carry at Reliable Parts Company are Primer Surfacers (Lacquer and Urethane Based); Plastic, Undercoating & Anti-Rust; Plastic, Fiberglass & Metal Fillers; Acetone & Pre-Paint Cleaners; and Scratch Removers.

                Hot Hues - Dupont Custom Finishes
                Do you want your car to have a custom finish? Consider using DuPont and their Hot Hues? palette of colors. DuPont is a company powered by Science and Innovation and they are a leader in the field of custom finishes. At Reliable Parts Company, we offer Hot Hues - DuPont custom finishes. Visit our store in Huntsville, TX 77340 or call us at 936-295-5747 today.

                House of Kolor Custom Paint
                House of Kolor custom paint is a great solution for car owners looking for custom painting, and Reliable Parts Company offers House of Kolor products in Huntsville, TX 77340. Some of the most popular House of Kolor products are: automotive paint, coatings and supplies, Shimrin Glamour Metallic, intensifiers Kandy Koncentrate (kk series), reducers, catalysts etc. If you need custom colors and supplies, visit our store or call us at 936-295-5747 today.

                Nason Paint
                Nason paints offer value-priced finishes for every type of paint job - from a simple spot repair to an overall repaint. At Reliable Parts Company, we have Nason undercoats, topcoats, and clears that deliver Value in a Hurry. Call 936-295-5747 or visit Reliable Parts Company today for Nason paints.

                To learn more about our Paint Brands, call us at 936-295-5747 or request a quote by clicking below:

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